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The Sector education training authority, (SETA) in this case – the Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) state that the foundational training must be at least 5 days.


If you train your operators and then subject them to poor supervision and machinery you are wasting your money. A major problem lies with Management and Supervisors, being unaware of what to expect from their operators and how to re-inforce the training once they return to the work place.

Effective Forklift Management can generate massive savings to Companies. Accredited Training offers Forklift Management Seminars to keep Managers and Supervisors up to date on the legal parameters as well as advising them how to make Forklift Safety an easily managed task.

Most of our clients insist that all managers and supervisors, who are involved with the operators, attend our Forklift Management Seminar. These assist in ensuring that the training given is fully reinforced by the Company.


In terms of the law, operators have to be in possession of a valid operating certificate. An accredited training Centre issues the certificate. Certificates are valid for 2 years. At Accredited Training, we firmly believe that training should yield benefits, far more substantial than “a Certificate”.

Once operators are trained, the Company should see:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Decrease in loss and / or damage to property
  • Increase in Safety
  • Decrease in Maintenance costs.

It is due to this approach, that we are the leaders in our field and have been training overseas.

Novice Training:

Even though a Forklift appears to be a “simple” piece of machinery, in the wrong hands it is a killer. Training can therefore not be conducted in one day.

Trainees, who have never operated a machine before, are required to attend a 5 day training course. Anything less than 5 days is illegal and Department of Labour could close down the company premises and the training center. The certificates are declared invalid. The objective of this course is not only to train the operator how to take care of his machine, drive correctly and safely, but also focuses on an acceptable level of productivity.

Advanced Refresher Training:

This course is aimed at those operators who have been trained, but their certificates have expired. Although they can operate, they have developed so many bad habits that they become a danger on the machine.

We concentrate on the elimination of bad driving habits, that have developed, and do much more challenging exercises with the operators. These exercises emphasize productivity, safety and elimination of damage to pallets and product, especially when working at that level of productivity.

Remember – they do not have police “on the road” keeping them in check. Bad habits are quickly learned.


We firmly believe that the regular annual re-evaluation of the operators saves the Company a great deal of money in training fees as well as reduced machine maintenance costs and loss/damage to product. Provided the operators are warned, in advance, that they are going to be evaluated, they tend to “train” themselves back up to standard. Obviously evaluations are a lot less expensive and quicker than retraining.

Forklift Evaluations consist of the following:

• Theory Test
• Practical Machine Check Test
• Practical Driving and Maneuvering Test


In close association with the suppliers, Accredited Training has developed a Reach Truck Training Course specifically designed for the training of operators who work in stores equipped with Mobile Racking.

Accredited Training handles unusual machines in unusual places.

The agents recommend Accredited Training to do any training required on the new articulated forklifts which are sweeping the country by storm. They not only operate up high and in very narrow isles, but can also continue from there, outside, to load a truck!


Accredited Training conducts on-site training for many leading companies who make use of Wharf Cranes (up to 4.9 tones) and Truck Mounted Cranes. While many people feel their operators are good at operating the crane, and should easily pass the required machine check and practical operation tests, they do not realize that a high percentage of the course involves rigging.

While many operators do not do the rigging themselves, it is imperative that they recognise the rigging of the goods they are lifting is in fact correct, before lifting the load.


T.E.T.A (Transport Education Training Authority)

We are a level 4 BBEEE company


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